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It's come to this

Damn. Damn, damn, and damn.

They know I'm here. I was right, sort of - that Oz guy had nothing to do with it, but SAIL's found me.

They've sent a guy who was on the project with me. Donnie Bryant, his name was. I thought he was hot at the time - he got brought in at the same time as me, and he had this air of mystery about him. That, and he had some similar powers to me, although he seemed to have some limited control over electricity. But he enjoyed the training way too much. I mean, I was reluctant, but when I saw what happened when you didn't participate... I did my best. Anyway, apparently he's calling himself "Fire Stem" now. He's changed, too - It's like he's had all his emotions drained. It's terrifying... Looks like he's working for them full-time now, and if that's what they do to you, I'm glad I ran. Anyway, how do I know all this? The things I was so confused about before? Well, I had an awakening tonight.

I was walking through Constellation Row, trying to find some friends, and he stepped out from behind a crate and just glared at me. He was looking scary as hell. "Hello, Jen," he said, glaring at me with those dead eyes. And that was all it took - it all came flooding back. I don't know how they held my memories back, but that seemed to bring everything back in a rush. I remembered it all - the programme, the training, everything. It'd all been a hazy blur, but now I remembered names, faces, and I bet I could even work out where the place was.

So it turns out they sent him to get me in - to "bring back the rogue", as he put it. He said it so eerily - like some kinda robot, or something. Absolutely crap-your-pants terrifying. Anyway, I tried to back off, get away, but he hit me with an electrical field. That was one of the things he'd been working on back when I saw him last. Anyway, I couldn't move, I was paralysed from the neck down. Then, in a move that seemed totally at odds with this cool, calculating look he had going, he actualy came over to gloat at me. He said he'd been studying my file, and he knew all about my powers, so there was nothing I could do that could surprise him.

He guessed wrong.

Sure, he knew what powers I'd had back when I was on the program, but I guess he'd assumed I'd spent my time here in hiding, cowering away somewhere and not trying to work on my abilities. That was his mistake.

When he got close enough, I just smiled at him, as sweet as I could. He leaned right in close, sneering at me, and that's when I hit him with my fire breath (yeah, I can breathe fire. I'm not talking metaphorically here. Although I did have a pretty nasty hotdog for lunch... So yeah, that's one power I developed all on my own. Screw you, SAIL!). I hit him right in the face - lucky for him he's a pyro too, or he woulda been dead, no doubt.

Anyway, that was enough to break his concentration enough for the electrical field to fizzle out, so I took the chance and kicked him as hard as I could, in that place where you don't kick guys if you wanna stay friends with them. Then I pulled out one of Virginia's web pellets and hit him with that, too. When I was sure he was down and not in any hurry to get up, I ran like hell, back here. Far as I know, he hasn't found where I live yet - and besides, I've got this place wired up good and proper. If anyone mutant-like comes within a hundred yards of my place, I know about it.

So. A plan. What do I do? I would have run, but now I know about SAIL... I don't want to. I want to stay here. I want to fight them back, and kick their sorry, kidnapping asses.

Screw them.

Hey... that sounds like a plan.
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